Asked Questions

Why choose a professional photographer?

I think we have all heard the horror stories of photo shoots gone wrong. Lets face it a lot of time goes in to planning your special shoot. Especially if this is your senior shoot. This is a huge milestone in your life and shouldn’t be taken lightly! You want to look back and love your images, not cringe at them. By choosing a professional photographer you are ensuring that your images will be of top quality that you can show off for years to come.  Not low quality, blurry images in bad lighting situations that look horrible in print. A true professional has experience, knowledge and  a clear understanding of not only what you want but how to achieve that and provide you with the best images possible. I will make sure to give you top quality service and walk you through the whole process, beginning to end. YOU are why I do this, you will walk away with beautiful images to  treasure for a lifetime! You will always come first!

What are things I need to do to prepare?

It is a great idea to take care of your skin year round, but especially 30 days before your session. Try a gentle skincare routine and moisturizer (yes, guys too) to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. Guys, please shave carefully if desired or get a haircut before your session (approximately 2-3 days before is great for short cuts) to make sure you don’t have a little five-o-clock shadow joining in on your photos. Girls, if you are planning a drastic cut or dye, either test it several months before your session, or wait until afterwards. You don’t want to inadvertently capture an unfortunate dye job that didn’t go as planned!

My friends want you to do their senior photos too! How should they contact you?

I’d love to do your senior photos, your friend’s senior photos, and their friends, too! You can also consider becoming part of my senior street team, where you get some pretty awesome perks!  For more info, you can contact me HERE.

How long will my session last?

Each session will last approximately 1-1 1/2 hours depending on location. Or unless otherwise specified.

What should I wear?

Color! and more color…….coordinating colors. In the modern world of portrait photography today, think color palettes. It is so much better than matching colors (everyone in a black or white shirt and jeans) if there are two or more people being photographed. Outfits that compliment each other if you will. If you’re choosing a pattern, please choose smaller patterns. These can distract and take attention away from you as the subject. Try and stay away from logos and print on clothing, it also distracts from the subject! I am available for suggestions if needed. Please check out my Pinterest board of what to wear HERE.  For senior girls, HERE.  Guys HERE.

How many images will be provided in my gallery?

Generally 30+ images of my choosing will be placed in your gallery to preview. I will pick only the best images from the session and hand edit them to display in your gallery.

How long before my images will be available for viewing?

Within a day or two I will provide a “sneak peek” of a couple watermarked  images for you to see. Your final gallery will be available for viewing within 14 days. We will arrange a time to view your gallery and place your order.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and want you to have the images and art work you want.  I provide in-person viewing and ordering in your home, (or other location if you choose) to help walk you through the process. I want to show you every available option you may not have been aware of. This will leave you with no questions and you get the best value and art work for your walls.  This can be very beneficial in helping you choose which images you want to display in a wall gallery or say an album. Or maybe which gift prints to choose. I will be right there to show you options and examples. The best part is being able to show you options of wall groupings of your images on your very own walls through a program on my iPad!

How Long after I place my order will my prints be available to me?

Orders will be available within 7-10 days from order date. Special order pieces can take a little longer. Payment is required for orders to be placed. Payment plans available. Please inquire.

What if we need to reschedule due to weather?

We will find a mutually agreed upon date for reschedule.

Want to learn more about what to expect from a photo shoot with me?
Click HEREReady to book a session? Click HERE or give me a buzz, 925-765-4487. I can’t wait!